Hilarious moment when cat hits dog on the head for letting out a huge fart


Have you ever had a pet with odd manners?

Or have you ever seen your pet behave angrily towards another animal?

An owner of a dog and cat managed to capture a funny, yet endearing act of his pets on video.

His dog lies asleep in bed with his cat sitting next to it.

In the beginning, both looked peaceful.

Then, without warning, the dog suddenly lets out a huge fart.

His cat could be seen narrowing its eyes disapprovingly at the dog.

The cat began hitting the dog violently on the head with its paw.

The dog immediately wakes up looking very confused and sleepy.

The act was extremely adorable because it showcases a unique cat and dog relationship. Cats and dogs are always hostile with each other, but this video features the cat and dog comfortably enjoying each other’s presence in peace and harmony.

Their relationship seems so close that the cat did not hesitate to reproach the dog when he farted. Being family, the dog did not even respond with a hostile manner when the cat hit it.

To see the cat behaving in the same way a human would towards another family member for farting in public, it is definitely something that we seldom see.

It is a facet of our pets that we rarely see, an expression of their feelings. Cats and dogs would wag and wave their tails when they’re happy or drop their tails when they’re sad or scared, but to see them lash out in anger is highly unique.

They are not hostile or aggressive, they are being reproachful. It indicates a sense of familiarity had been built between animals who have been living together for a long time.

It is a relationship that closely resembles a human relationship. With that being said, you must always care for your pets and their feelings. Pets see humans as their companions too.


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