Breathtaking bird’s-eye view of beaches and cliffs revealed through eagle in flight


When you were younger, have you ever dreamed you could fly?

Not on planes or with wings, but to just spread your arms and have your feet off the ground. Just imagine the beautiful view waiting for you. The view of birds. Who wouldn’t want this chance?

The following video shows the exact view from the perspective of a flying eagle.

Although the dream of being able to fly naturally in our human form may be impossible, at least we know what the view would have looked like. This free flying eagle has opened up the opportunity for us to experience the world in an entirely new way.

This was all made possible via a small camera attached to the back of the eagle.

 It captured all the breathtaking images and sounds of nature, as the eagle spreads its wings and glides effortlessly over a stunning stretch of cliffs.

Of course, the view from an airplane or a drone is different from an eagle’s perspective. The latter is more thrilling. There are absolutely no words to describe the experience of free flying, the scenery can take your breath away.

While some may question the authenticity of this video, rest assured that it is not fake. If it was merely taken with a drone and a dummy eagle, there would have been whirring sounds from the drone’s motors or propellers.

Instead, the video features authentic sounds of nature and smooth circular movements, due to the eagle’s flying motions.

One does not always get this opportunity, so sit back and enjoy the beautiful ride.


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