Little girl creates puddles inside her mother’s car and slathers the seats with laundry detergent after she accidentally spilled some malt drink


When this adorable girl accidentally spilled some malt drink inside of her mother’s car, she had no choice but to clean up the mess as told by her mother.

To her, cleaning up the sticky residue from the sweet drink requires a lot of water and some laundry detergent and that was what she did.

The little girl named Nur Izzah stunned everyone especially her speechless mother after she washed the interior of her mother’s car and turned the footwells into puddles

The incident came after her mother told her to clean up the Milo drink that she spilled inside the car.

However, the girl took the instruction quite literally as she dragged garden hose, brush, broom, a cloth, and some laundry detergent to wash off the sticky spillage

With the help of the cleaning tools, the girl managed to fill the car with water and poured some detergent on the seats and carpets before scrubbing them with a brush

Meanwhile, her mother did not realise the incident taking place as she was engrossed in a Tamil film inside their living room.

In a post posted on Facebook, her mother wrote that she could only let a heavy sigh when she finally realised what her daughter has turned the car into


According to her mother, Nur Izzah had no clue whatsoever that her washing has ruined the car seats

Even more hilarious, the girl even had the audacity to ask her for a treat since she had been a good girl!

Perhaps, it is time to give a clearer instruction!

Source: World of Buzz |  Facebook/Emmi Muhammad Shah


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