Woman from China suffers eye stroke after binge-watching a 70-episode drama within a week


Some people enjoy hanging out with their friends and family members when the weekend comes while some choose to relax at home watching movies.

Like the latter group, this lady from China enjoys relaxing at home while catching up with her favourite dramas.

However, she takes it to the extreme until she suffers from eye stroke after binge-watching a 70-episode drama in just seven days.

China recently celebrated their National Day which fell on October 1. The National Day came with three public holidays.

The woman who is only known as Ting spent her long weekend binge-watched the popular drama, “The Story of Yanxi Palace”

Source: Telegraph

The drama is 70-episodes long and each episode runs for an average of 45 minutes.

She finished binge-watching the drama in just seven days with very minimal break time in between the episodes.

However, on October 7, her left vision became blurry and she could only see the object’s shadow with her left eye. Alarmed with the sudden eye condition, Ting then sought for  medical treatment.

She was later diagnosed with anterior ischemic optic neuropathy (AION) or eye stoke in layman’s term.

Eye stroke occurs when the blood flow to the optic nerve is blocked or reduced

Source: Inner Harbour Optometry

In her case, Ting suffers from eye stroke due to her eyes being extremely strained because of the computer at work and the notebook at home. Plus, the cold weather puts even more strain on her eyes as the air is dry.

While it is painless, one’s eye condition can quickly deteriorate over time without symptoms and in severe cases, the eye’s condition is irreversible.

Luckily for Ting, she sought medical attention immediately which gave her a higher chance to recover.

It is advised to take a break after every 30 minutes when you work with a computer or smartphone to avoid the risk of having eye stroke.

Credit: World Of Buzz 


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