Rabbit rescues cat trapped in a shed by digging a hole around it for the cat to escape


Chasky and Pelu may be best friends from different species but this does not stop them from caring for each other.

Especially, when the time calls for one of them to lend a helping hand to another. Literally.

Chasky who has spent a lot of times playing with his feline friend, Pelu realised that his friend was missing.

The rabbit became panicked and searched for Pelu around his owner’s farm but he did not see the sight of his best friend at all

Until Chasky suddenly heard cries coming from the shed in his owner’s yard which seemed familiar to him

It was that moment that the rabbit realised that the cries were Pelu’s and he was trapped in the shed!

Chasky quickly went for a mission to rescue his best friend and the rabbit can be seen frantically digging a hole next to the shed in the video

It was not easy to dig the ground next to the shed alone but Chasky managed to do so with all his might. All of this to save his cat best friend, Pelu

After digging for a while, Chasky managed to dig a hole that was large enough for Pelu to slip under the shed’s wall to escape!

Watch this kind-hearted rabbit goes for a mission to rescue his cat best friend here


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