One-year-old toddler loves to take her best friend horse for a walk


Typically, toddlers are scared of animals no matter how big or small they are but this adorable toddler is not one of them.

In fact, the one-year-old toddler even manages to hold the horse’s rope and leads it for a walk.

The strong bond between the horse and the little girl led to the horse to trust the toddler to take her everywhere she goes

Justice who is an 8-year-old horse has been best friends with the toddler since Mira was a newborn.

When Mira was still in her mother’s belly, Justice seemed to know that they were going to be best friends. After Mira was born, Justice was very excited to welcome her.

In spite of him being multiple times larger than the girl, Justice has always been  gentle and calm whenever Mira is around him

The horse and the little girl have some special time spent time together every weekend when Mira’s mother, Jill Alison Galick brings the toddler to the barn.

While Jill stands from a distance, observing the pair, Mira confidently holds Justice’s rope and take him for a brief walk.

The heartwarming sight sees Justice gently following Mira as he takes small strides behind her, careful not walk too fast for Little Mira

We hope that Justice and Mira will stay best friends together!

Watch how calm and gentle Justice is when Mira brings him for a walk 

Credit: The Dodo


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