Hilarious moment when two smart boys trick their unsuspecting friends with a simple magic trick


All great magicians need to have at least one smart assistant to help them pull off a spectacular magical show and these young boys prove it.

In a hilarious video, two young boys pull off a very deceiving plot to trick their other two friends in the name of magic.

In the video, the boy who wears a blue tank and shorts that sits on the very left is holding an empty can of carbonated drink while two other boys look on.

The boy who is also holding a short stick can be seen trying to perform a magic trick which requires him to make the short stick disappear when he wants to put it into the empty can

While he carefully hold the stick and his hand goes back and forth, another friend of his who is sitting on the very right end sneakily takes the short stick from the boy

The mischievous boy later puts the stick into the empty can of one of the spectators

The magic show later ends with the two spectators looking very impresses with the boy in the blue tank, not realising that it is hust a simple trick done by his two smart friends!

Watch how these aspiring magicians pull off this simple magic trick to trick their friends here 


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