Bus seat covers have unique designs to prevent us from noticing dirt—see how it can be professionally cleaned


Admit it, you’ve complained about or at least noticed the ugly designs that grace the cover of bus seats.

The seats are usually decked in 80s retro designs, blue or red background with multicolored geometric shapes or bright florals.

But have you ever wondered what was the reason behind it?

It’s pretty straightforward, and downright genius–the seats are filthy. And nothing hides filth better than patterns.

The answer lies in optical illusion. The human eye is easy to trick. It can be easily distracted with bright colors and outrageous patterns. Having the seats covered in extremely distasteful designs prevent us from noticing all the dirt and grime.

From a passenger’s point of view, the seats always look relatively clean. But had they been covered in plain, light colors, nobody would want to sit on them–it would be too unbearable.

The accumulated brownish-greyish tinge on the covers had already drew disgust from certain passengers, but wait until you see how much filth there actually is based on this video.

The cleaning process of a single bus seat takes only around four minutes, provided you have the right tools.

First, the entire seat is covered in soap using a special spray.

Then, the seat is scrubbed using a sponge.

At this point, you can see the muck starting to emerge.

Finally, a high-powered vacuum is used to suck all the soap and muck from the seat, leaving a clean and dry finish.

So, the next time you ride on the bus, remember to be careful! All that muck and grime could be carrying harmful bacteria and passengers are left vulnerable to the possibility of catching diseases.


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