Heartwarming moment orangutan adopts tiger cubs and takes care of them like his own children


Love knows no bound or in this story, no difference of species.

While orangutan may be one of the preys included in tigers’ list of target, it does not stop from this compassionate orangutan from adopting two abandoned tiger cubs.

In this heartwarming video, the orangutan can be seen feeding the three adorable tiger cubs with milk as he gently cradles the three cubs in her lap, one at a time.

The video shows the orangutan treats the little tiger cubs like his own children

He gets along with the cubs really well as she plays and hugs each of them

When it is time to eat, the primate feeds the cubs with some milk by using a milk bottle. He even holds the bottle properly as if he is used to feeding them all the time

At one moment, the orangutan can be seen looking at one of the cubs with a lovely gaze as if he was looking at her own baby

The tiger cubs who are adorable and cuddly have no problem living and playing with their new parent.

They look comfortable climbing over his body and shower him with affectionate kisses

According to Discovery Family, the orangutan learned the behaviour after observing caretakers taking care of tiger cubs at the safari.

Watch this heartwarming video of male orangutan taking care of tiger cubs like his own children here


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