Professional freerider Kilian Bron shows off his impressive stunt while riding down a very steep trail in Farewell Canyon


This hair-raising video of a professional cyclist cycling through both stunning and terrifying landscape of Farewell Canyon is definitely a must-see if you are an adrenaline junkie.

French cyclist, Kilian Bron shows off his impressive cycling skills as he conquers the sharp corners and steep cliffs through his Go Pro Hero 6.

Along with his chest camera, Bron shows how it feels like to zip through the mountain descent from the first-person point of view and it is totally amazing

Thanks to the homemade camera pole on his helmet, the video gives us the panoramic view of the gorgeous mountain range

As the video progresses, you can feel vertigo coming as Bron goes down the descent at full speed

It almost looks as if he was riding down the gnarly mountain trail in 90 degrees!

The ride totally needs one to master all cycling and balancing skills and Bron shows it all in his fearless stunt

The Farewell Canyon is a popular tourist destination in British Columbia, Canada. Its breathtaking view of the scenic river and mountains is perfect for those who love nature.

The formation of rocky mountains and steep trails have also attracted thousands of brave sportsmen like Bron to attempt an epic ride.

Watch Bron’s epic downhill ride in this nerve-wracking video here 

Credit: Facebook/Highsnobiety


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