Adorable moment Kalle the dog helps owner feeds rabbits with carrots


Dogs are “man’s best friend” is commonly used to show how loyal and great dogs can be to humans but this adorable dog shows that he can offer more to his owner than just a good companionship.

Kalle the dog has been a great pet dog to his owner and it looks like he is always ready to give him a helping hand when it comes to feeding his farm friends.

In the heartwarming video that has gone viral recently, Kalle can be seen feeding the rabbits at the farm with carrots

With care and love, Kalle picks up the carrots with his mouth and brings them over to the rabbits’ cage.

However, instead of putting the carrots on the ground, Kalle volunteered to feed the fluffy animals by himself.

The video shows Kalle with some carrots dangling from his mouth feeding the hungry rabbits

As the rabbits munch on the carrots, he looks on them with his lovely eyes

Even when a hungry piglet comes along to grab one of the carrots for himself, Kalle stands still and not easily letting go of the sweet vegetables that he has saved for his rabbit friends

The adorable dog sure lets the piglet know that it is the rabbits’ turn to have a meal and that other animals have to wait for their turn.

Watch how Kalle patiently feeds carrots to the rabbits in this video here


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