Stunning footage of majestic and exotic white peacocks fanning their beautiful feathers


It is relatively common to see peacocks at the zoo but have you ever seen a white peacock?

Peacocks are well-known for their majestic and stunning feathers. Its elegant demeanor and exotic-looking feathers have always captivated wild birds enthusiasts around the world.

While the Indian Blue peacocks are the most popular variety among peacocks, there is also an equally stunning and amazing variety of peacock species and that is white peacocks

Compared to their colorful Indian Blue counterparts, white peacocks have a pristine and flawless image with their spotless white feathers

However, their white feathers do not mean that white peacocks are albino. What separates them for albino peacocks is the color beneath their feathers.

White peacocks usually have spots in other colors depending on their breed

This variety of peacock has a genetic mutation known as Leucism which means that they have a lack of pigments in their plumage.

Pigments and structures are what determine the color of feathers of a peacock.

The lack of pigments in their feathers gives the peacock a majestic visual unlike most varieties of peacocks

Nevertheless, white peacocks are indeed a rare species.Consider yourself lucky if you get to see a white peacock because they are not a regular presence in every zoo or bird park!

Watch this full video of white peacock and how elegant this species is in this video here


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