This grandma is sick but not lonely—her devoted grandson takes care of her and makes her happy


Nowadays, it is quite a common sight to see some people send their old relatives or family members to care home for a number of reasons. 

For most people, the time constraint seems to be the major factor why they think sending their old family members to care home is the best option.

Nevertheless, it is still important for one to spend time with them even when there are staff and other residents at the care home to keep them company.

For this devoted grandson, he knows that taking care of his ailing grandmother is the best thing that he can do for her

Even when he is busy with work, he tries his best to visit his grandmother and make her laugh.

Lucky for this grandmother, her grandson is always there to brighten up her day and that includes making her burst into laughter with his silly jokes.

Sometimes, she gets to be fed by his grandson who loves to bring her fruits like melon. It must taste even sweeter when her grandson feeds her the fruit!

There are also times when the grandson makes some hilarious impressions and she will be filled with joy when she looks at him.

All he needs is only one or two props and that is good enough to make his grandmother laugh

Seeing this beautiful scene of a grandmother and her grandson, we bet that love and affection is what people in their golden age find to be more meaningful than everything else.

Watch this heartwarming video of this adorable duo here

Credit: Facebook | China Press



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