Beauty vlogger from China transforms into Mona Lisa through stunning makeup transformation


There have been countless times artists trying to recreate Leonardo Da Vinci’s famous painting, “Mona Lisa” through various forms of artwork, mostly paintings. 

However, this makeup artist from China took the challenge by recreating the popular painting through a makeup transformation.

He Yuya, 27-year-old makeup artist and beauty vlogger from south-west China has gone viral for her stunning and unbelievably realistic transformation of Mona Lisa

With just using makeup, the creative woman transformed herself into Da Vinci’s masterpiece

According to Yuya, the whole makeover almost took her six hours to create

The transformation challenge began after one of her social media followers jokingly challenge her to transform into classical artworks like Mona Lisa

Yuya later took up the challenge but she never expected for her video to have gone wildly viral on the internet

Her transformation video has been viewed by almost a million views on Miaopai while it has gained more than 20 million views alone on Dou Yin, a video-sharing platform where she first posted the video.

Yuya has previously transformed into famous celebrities like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Cate Blanchett

Thanks to her insane makeup techniques, Yuya has received numerous praises from people around the world who are impressed by her videos.

Yuya said that she was very happy for the positive response that she has been receiving regarding her makeup transformation. She was initially nervous that her video would offend anyone

Upon finding that her videos are well-received by the online community, Yuya said that she felt relieved.

“The response is just overwhelming. I appreciate all the support I’ve received and I’m so happy that viewers like the transformation,” she told Daily Mail.

Watch how Yuya transformed herself into Mona Lisa in this makeup transformation here

Credit: Daily Mail | YouTube/Yuya MikaToday Online 


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