Tattooed son wants to do manly poses for formal family photos but his parents do not seem to like it


This tattooed man is all dressed up for a photo shoot with his parents but there is one thing that just does not seem right to his parents.

The man who sports tattoos all over his right arm right up to his neck which can be seen underneath the light blue shirt he is wearing tries to pose like a gangster for the photos.

However, he does not get the approval from both the photographer and his parents!

This video which was taken in a photography studio shows the man standing in between his mother and father who look quite serious and formal for the photo shoot.

After the trio took the first photo, the photographer abruptly interrupted by saying to the father that the son is posing like a gangster for a formal photo

His mother who stood on his left then slapped his hand while his father said, “Again!”

The photo shoot then continued but the son continued posing like a gangster, this time by flexing his buff arms

The father who noticed his son’s pose then asked him to tone down.

“Easy, easy, easy,” the father said to his son

When it was time to take a photo with his mother, the son, made another attempt to show off his manly style by unbuttoning a few top buttons of his shirt but the mother who noticed it later did not approve of it

It was only the fourth time that the family of three managed to take a decent formal photo after the son learned to pose like the way his parents and the photographer approved

The photo shoot came to an end after the photographer wrapped it up with the last photo that he said was “Perfect.”

Watch the hilarious moment here


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