The drill championship is the ultimate test of strength and it is only for the strongest and fastest firefighters


Being a firefighter requires one to be extremely agile and fit since firefighters are primarily needed in hazardous and life-threatening settings and these amazing firefighters prove why they are at the forefront when it comes to protecting the public.

Every year, all firefighters in New York compete in the prestigious competition, Firematic Racing. What was first started as a monetary reward for firefighters who were able to extinguish fire first, this competition then evolved into season-long competitions between rival racing teams to find the fastest and toughest firefighters in New York.

Controlled by New York State Volunteer Firemen’s Parade and Drill Team Captains Association, Inc., this challenging competition is divided into three sub-competitions; hose competitions, ladder competitions and bucket brigade competitions

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Hose competitions are when the contestants need to work as a team to attach a hose to the hydrant and aim the water at the flip-up target positioned at the end of the track

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Meanwhile, ladder competitions see the contestants using the same hose cart to carry a special ladder down the track

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The ladder is then placed against the top of an arch and the contestants have to climb up the ladder to reach the top of the ladder as quickly as possible

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Lastly, bucket brigade competitions see contestants carrying a five-gallon canvas bucket and running down the track at top speed with the heavy bucket filled with water.

They later need to climb up a stationary ladder that is fixed against a top of an arch and fill the drum placed atop of the arch with the water from the bucket

The winner of this championship is determined by the number of winning events throughout the season.

Since the nature of the competitions is extremely competitive and super challenging, being slow is not an option.

Only the toughest will get to be crowned as the winner of this most coveted drill championship

Watch this video to find out more about this exciting Firematic Racing and see for yourself how strong and fast these amazing firefighters are 

Credit: NYS Drill Teams | Instagram/@nysdrillteams


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