This extraordinary 4-year-old girl beams with smile and pride even when she has to help her parents working at the rubber plantation


Working as a rubber tapper is not everyone’s cup of tea as the work requires one to work at night or early in the morning before the sun rises. 

Furthermore, not many people can stand the pungent smell of the coagulated latex. However, this little girl from Thailand is more than happy to help her parents tapping rubber trees at the plantation.

Not only does she not mind the strong smell of the coagulated latex and the mosquito bites, this little girl happily works with a big smile on her adorable face.

According to the video, this little girl is only four years old but she is already familiar with rubber tapping process.

Wearing her pink boots, the girl takes a bucket and walks over to a rubber tree

She then reaches out for the collecting cup which is filled with coagulated latex

Without hesitation, the girl pulls the latex out of the cup and put the latex into the bucket she has carried with her

Throughout the video, the girl can be seen working hard to fill in the bucket with the coagulated latex from the rubber trees.

In spite of the hard work, she remains cheerful and full-spirited!

Once the bucket is full, she carries it to the house before returning back to collect more latex.

She may be young but this girl is totally full of dedication to help her parents!

Watch the video of this amazing young girl helping her parents at their rubber plantation here


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