This mother raccoon struggles to get all her babies inside their burrow and it is hilarious


Every parent of young children knows that it is never easy to get them to do anything at the same time. Apparently, this mother raccoon is also struggling with the same issue at home.

Getting kids to bed can be quite challenging, especially when they still want to play around like these playful little raccoons.

Nevertheless, it is time for bed but it seems like these cubs are doing everything they can to not get to their bed.

One is ready to escape and run around while the others are practically dragging their feet to get to their burrow. The struggle is real and this mother raccoon knows it too well


YouTuber The Born Wandered captured this hilarious struggle between mother raccoon and her babies a few years ago

In this clip, the mother raccoon can be seen charging the squad to their high-rise burrow

While the mother raccoon takes the first cub inside their house, the other cubs take a little detour and decide to stay outside for another moment

It was then the mother raccoon comes out of the burrow and yanks them one by one into their little nest

“Get in here,” the off-camera voice says while the mother takes a brief pause and stares at the camera

“This is so embarrassing,” is what the mother raccoon probably mutters since the scene is caught on camera

She then heads back to the burrow and uses her body to block the cheeky cubs from escaping

It is definitely not easy to be a parent but it seems like this mother raccoon has everything under her belt like a pro.

Watch the mother raccoon’s impressive baby wrangling skills here


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