This incredible street performer can turn wine glasses into producing the most angelic sound


Many people think wine glasses are meant only for sipping and swivelling wine but for this creative performer, he creates angelic sounds with them.

Petr Spatina who is a street performer has his own ways of attracting the crowd to listen to his music.

Instead of using the mainstream musical instruments like other street performers, he utilizes an array of wine glasses filled with different levels of water to create glass harp


Glass harp is also called ‘angelic organ’ because of the unique sound and its warm tone that the wine glasses produce.

In the video, he plays the popular piece, “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen and it is easy to see how the crowd are totally mesmerised by his playing


While it seems easy to play music with wine glasses, it actually takes a talented and creative artist to play it.

One thing for sure, Spatina’s musical talent can be hardly doubted by the incredible music that he produces with the glass harp

Watch how he turns these wine glasses into a beautiful sound of a harp here


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