Man does impressive ‘head-slide’ dance moves when suddenly a woman eating a watermelon steals the spotlight


Recently, a short footage of a man dancing on the street became viral on the internet and it is not hard to see why. 

The man’s performance is strangely captivating as all parts of his body move to a catchy routine except for his head!

The short video begins with the man moving his head to his left while keeping his body unmoved

Then, he starts swaying his body from side to side, attracting the crowd to watch his impressive routine

One lady is not an exception as she joins the crowd to watch the man’s street performance with a slice of watermelon for her to snack on while watching on the side

Suddenly, the man ‘drops’ his head in a surprising move as a part of his routine. However, the lady is not expecting to see this move at all and what she does next is truly hilarious!


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