Man challenges Gaston to push-up contest and immediately regrets it when Gaston shows off his skill


Gaston is one of the many popular Disney characters who is well-known for his strong and masculine appearance. In the classic Disney film “Beauty and The Beast”, no one dares to challenge or fight against Gaston.

However, it appears that one visitor is brave enough to challenge the strong man in a push-up contest.

Nevertheless, Gaston is not someone to be defeated easily.

One visitor who visits Belle’s Village in Disney World challenges Gaston to a push-up contest and Gaston accepts the challenge with an open heart

The two then can be seen doing push-ups in front of a crowd which starts to gather around to see who will emerge from the contest as a winner

Both Gaston and the visitor seem equally strong and fit and none of them shows any signs of giving up

Seeing each of them trying their best to win the contest, Gaston then challenges the man to do push-ups with just one hand

What do you think the visitor’s reaction to Gaston’s challenge and who do you think will win the contest?

Watch this video to find out who the winner is 


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