Nerve-racking moment Thai toddler stopped breathing after drowning in a river. A moment later, a miracle happened


A dramatic video of a man frantically attempting to resuscitate a young Thai boy has made rounds on the internet.

The Thai toddler was drowned after falling into a river near his house while playing.

The suspenseful video showed the drowned boy lying motionlessly on a floor with his plaid shirt rolled up to his chest while the village headman attempted to begin CPR on him

One shot of the video shows the village headman firmly compressing the Thai boy’s chest and blowing air into his lungs several times

The nerve-racking moment ceased when the boy gasped for breath and started crying, a moment after he can be seen showing signs of life

Thankfully, the young boy managed to survive the ordeal, thanks to the village headman’s quick action

The panic-stricken mother of the young boy who can be seen wailing and calling for his name while the village headman trying to resuscitate the boy can be heard saying words of gratitude after the boy came to life.

The incident is believed to happen in Sam Phran, Thailand.

The village headman is trained in CPR and he has been training volunteers and rescuers CPR skills

Watch the nail-biting moment the village headman tried to bring the toddler back to life here


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