These men can create a swimming pool and a tiny hut by just using natural resources and it is mind-blowing


Love DIY projects? These two creative men will show you how to build a tiny hut and a swimming pool with natural resources that you can find around your house.

Firstly, they build a small hut in the middle of the yard.

Later, they dig the ground around the hut by just using wood sticks to create the pool

After the digging process is done, they proceed to create bricks out of mud which they later put them on a fire to dry them further

This is important to create stronger and durable mudbricks.

Then, they place each brick on the ground around the hut in one layer to create the bottom of the swimming pool

The fun project does not just end there. The men also make a little bridge to connect the hut and the opposite ground and add some grass around the tiny hut

After the pool is filled with water, it is ready!

Watch how they make the tiny hut and the swimming pool here



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