Amazing little girl shows off incredible split while gliding underneath row of cars and leaves the crowd speechless


Limbo skating or roller limbo is definitely not the sport for everyone as it requires one to be extremely flexible but this girl is certainly not afraid of the challenge.

The young girl named Mei Xi is on the show to accept the challenge and she is more than ready to show off her incredible rollerskating skills.

Mei Xi starts off with a speedy swing as she rolled towards a row of cars! 

The little girl leaves the crowd speechless when she glided underneath the row of cars while doing a split

There is only a small gap between the underneath of the cars and the road and Mei Xi manages to pass through the limbo challenge easily!

After the difficult limbo car challenge, now it is time for a tougher test. This time, she has to glide underneath a row of poles

Each pole is held by two traffic cones and the height between the pole and the road is only a mere 26 cm!

Did Mei Xi manage to complete the challenge like a true roller limbo queen?

Watch this video to find out whether or not she succeeded in the end


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