If your car take a plunge into the water, this is what you need to do to escape death


Being trapped in a car underwater is one of the scariest things we can imagine but unfortunately, a tragedy can strike us anytime, especially when we least expect it.

However, if you ever find yourself in this terrifying situation, do not be quick to submit yourself to the possibility of being dead inside a submerged car.

Instead, follow this amazing demonstration by these two brave souls who will show you step by step on how to escape from a fast-sinking car

In this episode The List, hosts Jessi and Patrick learned the life-saving hack from the experts at Amphibious Medics

Through this step-by-step demonstration, they learned the various techniques of escaping a car underwater

Less than 500 people died from vehicle-related drownings in the US every year but just in case if the odds are not in your favour, you will be glad that you watched this demonstration

Watch how Jessi and Patrick escape a car underwater in this video here


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