Hilarious moment a Thai lady clings on to her precious papaya tree from being ripped apart by a super typhoon


This lady from Thailand took two years to grow her papaya tree in her yard but a typhoon was on its mission to rip the tree apart and she was not going to let it happen.

The lady lives in Japan where it can be quite hard to find tropical fruits like papaya at the supermarket.

Hence, she took her own initiative to plant the papaya tree in her yard so that she could enjoy the fruits even when she is far away from her hometown in Thailand.

However, there is one problem. Japan is well-known for its strategic place at typhoons’ courses.

It is certainly not easy to see something that you care about for many years to be destroyed in seconds by nature so when this Thai woman heard that a super typhoon was going to hit Okinawa, she immediately went outside to hold her papaya tree down as the strong winds blew

Even though the strong wind blew like crazy, the woman was not going to give up her papaya tree easily

The video of her clinging on to the papaya tree amused many people as it quickly racked up millions of views from around the world

Later, the lady posted another video of her slicing through the papaya to make a delicious green papaya salad. We bet it tasted like victory!

Watch the dramatic moment this Thai lady tried her best to save her papaya tree from being ripped apart by the super typhoon here


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