This cute Golden Retriever really wants to race but it has another top priorities on his list


Golden Retriever is a popular breed of dog and they are well-known for their warm and friendly nature. 

This Golden Retriever is not an exception; he is active and adorable but instead of showing off an incredible feat at a race competition and impress the crowd, he makes them burst into laughter instead!

The clip shows a race competition for dogs of which they have to pass a particular challenge.

The dog’s only task was to run from one end to the other end as fast as they could but there were some distractions placed strategically along the sidelines to distract them

The distractions included bowls of food, squeaky toys, and tennis balls. For other dogs, these distractions did not interfere with their determination to win at all.

However, for this Golden Retriever, they looked super tempting

When the starting sound rang, the dog went completely off the race course, as it played with every item placed on the sidelines

It really took its time to eat some kibbles, play the tennis ball and pick up a squeaky toy

The audience could not help but laugh at the dog’s choice!

Watch what happened when the dog saw all these tempting distractions during a race competition here


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