A tiny kitten was abandoned on the side of a busy highway, just seconds away from death—then, a miracle happened


One lady saw an abandoned kitten on the side lane of a busy highway, just inches away from being run over by speeding cars.

Sheila Greene was on Southern California’s Interstate 10 which is well-known for its long and overcrowded roadway.

Concerned with a tiny kitten she saw on the side of fast track lane when passing through the busy traffic, she called for rescue.

Luckily, the local rescue team, Hope For Paws was able to rescue the kitten but there was one great concern about how they could save the kitten on a highway

It seemed impossible to do a rescue on a busy highway with fast-moving cars and motors around but the rescue team, Eldad Hagar, and Loreta Frankonyte managed to do the impossible.

They decided to park illegally stop the traffic!

Do you think they could rescue the kitten just in time before a tragedy could strike?

Watch what happened next in this amazing video of their rescue operation here


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