This paratha maker can toss the dough across the restaurant with amazing accuracy and it is beyond impressive


You have seen pizza maker tossing pizza dough in the air with such impressive skills but have you seen how equally incredible paratha maker can be at tossing the paratha dough?

Unbelievable skills mixed with his composed figure when tossing the paratha dough across the restaurant full of people has made this video making rounds on the internet, for another time.

It first became viral five years ago and the amazing clip resurfaced to the internet once again and it is not hard to see why

This paratha maker’s skills definitely deserve a round of applause! The accuracy of the tossing managed to surprise many of the customers and the viewers around the world

Note how there is absolutely no eye contact between the paratha maker and the cook at all.

All they need is for the paratha maker to bang his rolling pin to notify the cook to expect some incoming dough

This incredible scene was taken at a hotel’s restaurant in Tamil Nadu, India.

Watch how accurate the paratha maker tosses the dough at the cook in this video here


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