When you have little children as your wedding guests, be prepared for their amusing antics


Wedding day is such a special day for families to gather and celebrate a sacred union between two lovebirds. 

However, these page boys and flower girls seem to not fully understand that it is such a happy occasion and not the time to throw a tantrum or joking around.

Like this girl who seems unimpressed with the wedding as she scatters the flower petals down the aisle during a wedding procession

Or this tiny guest who thinks that the bride and the groom are playing limbo!

“Are we playing limbo? Seems like it, I’ll go first!”

Young children never fail to show their latest antics even during a wedding but that what makes them adorable and special.

Do not worry if you think that having little children in your wedding will ruin the special day. You could possibly have the best performers for your wedding reception like this tiny pair here

Watch this hilarious compilation video of when children become a part of wedding


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