This elderly man is unable to mount the horse like he used to. What the horse does next touches everyone’s heart


There is nothing heart-warming than seeing a strong bond develops between an animal and a human being, especially when it is a bond of mutual love and trust.

Like all animals, horses do not necessarily recognize the individuals who bought them as their owners. The people with whom they develop close ties with are usually their regular caretakers; those who feed them, clean their stables and take them out for a ride.

The old gentleman in the video below has obviously served in the capacity as shown by how gentle and thoughtful the horse is to him.

Resident Kelly Drake from Warsaw, Missouri captured the heart-warming scene which features an elderly man standing next to a horse

However, the elderly man was not able to swing his body to ride onto the horse like he used to do. What happened next was truly touching

The horse accommodated the elderly man in the sweetest way it could

The horse also let the man to settle on its back comfortably before the two of them went for a ride

Watch this sweet bond between the horse and the elderly man in this video here


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