This one-year-old toddler can translate Mandarin into English in seconds!


This baby may just turn one year old but he can already translate Mandarin into English in just seconds!

The one-year-old toddler was caught on camera translating what his mom says to him into English and he did it so easily!

The clip which was shot in Urumqi in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region sees the toddler translating the Mandarin words into English words quickly and accurately.

The little boy enthusiastically says the English equivalent of the Mandarin words while sitting in his high chair and it seems obvious that he is having fun during the language lesson.

Here are the full translations of what they say in the video:

Mum: Daxiang
Baby: Elephant

Mum: Xihongshi
Baby: Tomato

Mum: Jiqiren
Baby: Robot

Mum: Matong
Baby: Toilet

Mum: Qiaokeli
Baby: Chocolate

Mum: Zise
Baby: Purple

Mum: Heise
Baby: Black

Mum: Hongse
Baby: Red

Mum: Xigua
Baby: Watermelon

Mum: Gebo
Baby: Arm

Mum: Tui
Baby: Leg

Mum: Tou
Baby: Head

Mum: Erduo
Baby: Ear

Mum: Yanjing
Baby: Eye

Mum: Zuiba
Baby: Mouth

His mom says that she is aware of how important it is to master more than one language so she wants to raise her son to be bilingual.

Young children are natural language learners that they can pick up any language easily unlike adults. It is not surprising that this boy could learn and use two languages in a nick of time at such a tender age.

If you have young children, this is the perfect time to teach them as many languages as they can!

Watch the video of the baby translating all the Mandarin words effortlessly and accurately here


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