These adorable Bengal kittens prove why they are not the average domestic cats


Bengals are known to be more active and playful compared to other domestic cat species. Even though all cats are naturally active, these Bengals just seem to go above and beyond.

Bengals are a cross breed of Asian Leopard cats and domestic cats. This species is stunningly beautiful, fiercely intelligent and friendly enough to be kept as pets.

Another unique feature about this species is unlike other domestic cats, Bengals are not afraid of water so they love to dip their paws in the water before licking them

Bengals can get bored easily and they need constant attention and interaction. So, if you cannot give them the attention they need, do not be surprised to see if they start to rip things apart like cushions and curtains!

However, do not worry! Once, you adopt a Bengal cat as your pet, you tend to never go back.

Bengal cats make a perfect companion, especially Bengal kittens

Their quirkiness will bring you laughter and joy, just like these Bengal kittens who love teasing the adult cat!

If you are thinking of adopting one, check out this adorable clip of Bengal kittens here


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