Toddler was oblivious that he was just inches away of being crushed by a falling palm tree. What happened next left everyone speechless


This is the miraculous moment a 2-year-old boy narrowly escaped death by a falling palm tree.

Tong Gosungnern had been playing with his friends outside his parents’ home in Nakhon Ratchasima in Thailand on Saturday afternoon.

His friends spotted that a nearby palm tree came loose at the base and they started to scatter away when they realised that it was about to crush into them

However, the curious toddler was fascinated with the loose palm tree that he stayed in the same spot, unable to move out of the way.

Incredibly, the tree fell and missed his head just by inches as the boy stood transfixed

The palm tree then hit the road and bounced back at the boy but his mother, Jane, managed to scoop him up in her arms

Jane said: ”This was an old palm tree, so big. Nobody knew it would fall down. The moment I looked over and saw Tong with the tree coming down towards him, my heart stopped.

“I just ran over and picked him up. We are so lucky that it did not hit him. The tree is so heavy, if it landed on him I don’t know what would have happened.”

Tong was luckily unhurt and he was oblivious of the danger he was in as he casually continued playing with his friends later that evening.

Watch the amazing moment this little boy missed death in this clip here


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