This kitty is jealous with the new cat in the house so it creates a smart plan to win the owner’s heart back


There is a new cat in the house and this cat is beginning to get jealous with all the attention that its owner is giving to the new cat.

So, the cat devices a new plan to get all the attention to him and it is hilarious!

This cat sees the new cat waving its paw continuously so it thinks that he might do the same so that the owner will notice him back

And it works!

Luckily, the funny scene is recorded on camera so everyone can see how adorable this cat is trying to imitate the mini lucky cat charm or Maneki Neko’s famous waving paw

In the clip, the cute cat tries its best to stand on its hind legs and waves its right paw just like the mini lucky cat charm

Maneki Neko is the Japanese lucky cat charm and they are believed to bring good fortune and wealth to its owner. It is often placed in home, office, or shop to attract good luck and blessings.

Can you see the difference between the two?

Watch the funny clip of this cat trying to imitate the lucky cat charm here


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