Little boy caught red-handed by mom for drawing on mirror with her lipstick and his reaction is priceless


2-year-old Noel Hopkins was caught red-handed by his mom for scribbling on the mirror with her red lipstick

But the cheeky toddler had the best excuse to get his way out of the trouble.

The adorable clip begins with Noel leaning on the mirror full of lipstick scribbles


Later, his mom, Laura, asked him who made the mess. “Who drew on mommy’s mirror?” she asked.

Noel then replied, “I don’t know,” and ran over to the bed. When his mom asked him again, Noel insisted that he was not the one who did it

“Was it you?” Laura asked.

“No,” Noel replied as he shook his head, denying creating his masterpiece

Laura then asked again, “Who was it?” to which Noel later confessed, “It’s Batman.”

The toddler looked pretty serious when he said that it was Batman who drew on the mirror. Not even a giggle!

Laura later posted the video on YouTube with a title “Batman Did It” and it quickly racked up millions of views in just days. Many people found it amusing to see how Noel insisted that Batman was the culprit.

Watch the hilarious video here to see Noel’s reaction when his mother asked about the lipstick drawing on the mirror


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