Dad wants to teach his baby daughter swimming so he decides to build this in his backyard


This dad had been dreaming to teach his daughter swimming and he thought it was better to start when his daughter was still young. 

Unfortunately, the problem was, going to the public pool was not very convenient and sometimes, it could be unhygienic for his little daughter.

So, this Vietnamese dad decided to build a swimming pool in the backyard for his baby daughter instead!

The doting dad started off by getting the bricks in place to get a rough idea of how the pool would like

Next, he laid cement on the bricks to make them secured and to give a shape to the swimming pool. It was a very thorough process as he did not want to allow any mistakes to ruin the swimming pool project

The result was totally amazing! The 33-year-old dad managed to build the swimming pool all by himself even when he only had basic knowledge in constructing one

The process was definitely not easy and exhausting for him but his determination to build the swimming pool to teach his children swimming is definitely worthy of admiration.

Watch how he build the pool all by himself from scratch in this video here


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