Malaysian busker starts playing guitar and singing—then the cutest crowd suddenly appears


Every street performer ever craves is a crowd watching them performing in the streets and looks like this busker is in luck for the most adorable crowd ever.

Amusing clip of a busker performing in the streets of Pangkor in Malaysia has once again made rounds on the internet and it is not surprising to see why.

The clip which was filmed on April 24 in 2016 shows the busker playing guitar and singing for four fluffy kittens

The adorable kittens seem captivated by the singer’s beautiful voice as their heads are bobbing to the rhythm

The cute scene also attracts other passersby who noticed the kittens watching the busker performing. One local lady is heard saying, “Comellnya!” which translates to, “So adorable!”

The busker even thanks the kittens for tuning in to his performance. “Ok, terima kasih semua,” he said which means, “Okay, thank you everyone.”

Watch the heart-melting video of the four kittens being the best crowd ever here


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