Hilarious video of rugby fans creating a crowd surfing line in the middle of the street is simply glorious


Once in a while you will come across a video on the internet that will make you scratch your head and go “What in the world?” This is one of those videos!

A group of rugby fans were caught on tape in the glorious act of merry-making as they sat in a line waving their hands back and forth while ushering strangers to come at them. They were in the middle of the street and urged people to join them by way of a jumping onto their make-shift crowd-surfing line.

The group of people were believed to be French supporters who were in Edinburgh to catch the Six Nations clash at Murrayfield stadium

They sat down in single file on the Royal Mile road and welcomed strangers to surf the line, both men and women can be seen excitedly taking up the offer 

There were people stationed at the end of the line to make sure they participants land on their feet!

Watch the video which was caught on camera by Napier University employee Mark Pentler below: 


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