Adorable moment baby tries to fight sleepy eyes to keep smiling at mom


Baby Leo wants to keep smiling at his mother but he is too sleepy.

In the clip, the super adorable Leo is seen nodding off but he tries to fight back his sleepy eyes every time his head falls heavier on his chest.

Baby Leo fights to keep his eyes on his mother with a twitching smile before sleep catches up once more

When he wakes up from the slumber, the little boy gives a bright smile to his mother

The baby is then losing to sleep as he droops to his chest but once again gives a cheerful peep to his mother when the slumber startles him

The clip is already six years old but it keeps making rounds on the internet and we can totally see why. Baby Leo is just too adorable!

Watch how baby Leo tries to stay awake and melts millions of hearts around the world in this heartwarming clip here


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