This young fan was turned away by Messi’s security but what happened next made the boy cried tears of joy


Lionel Messi is one of the most popular football players in the world and it is not surprising that he is often surrounded by tight security whenever he is in the public.

However, the football superstar proves why he remains as one of the top footballers in the world with a heart of gold and a boy is lucky enough to witness this.

It happened when Messi arrived at the Argentina team hotel in Montevideo ahead of World Cup qualifier against Uruguay. As the five- time Ballon d’Or winner made his way to the hotel entrance, a young fan tried to approach Messi.

However, his dream of hoping the footballer star was crushed when the security turned him away.

Fortunately, Messi saw the incident and he asked his group of security guards to bring the boy back

The little boy not only ended up meeting Messi face to face but he also managed to take a selfie with him!

Afterwards, an Uruguayan television reporter interviewed the lucky boy about the precious opportunity he just had. The 11-year-old boy named Luciano was completely overwhelmed about the incident.

He initially thought that he would not be able to meet Messi but the star stepped up to spend a brief moment to take a selfie with the boy

It may be just a selfie and a hug but Messi just proved to the world why many people admire him

Watch the video of the boy getting a selfie after being turned away from Messi’s security guards here


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