This doting father barely earns $10 a day but he managed to send all of his children to school


This determined father knows that the best gift he could give to his children is education. Even when he barely earns $10 day.

This 51-year-old super dad from the Philippines made sure that his children are getting the education that they need.

So far, he managed to make sure his daughter graduated from college through his hard work of being a garbage collector

Cristito Quimado barely makes $10 a day but that does not stop him from sending his children to school and make sure there is food on the table

He knows that being a garbage collector is a hard labour so he is determined to not let his children walk the same path

“Education is the only thing I can give my children,” he said

This super dad wakes up at 3 am every morning and goes to work at 4 am

He insisted that all of his blood, sweat, and tears are for his family

Quimado said that as a father, he knows what he has to do for his family.

“As a father, you will do everything just to support the needs of your family. You can endure any kinds of job as long as it is not illegal [for your family],” he said.

In spite of his hardship, he is blessed to have children who understand his sacrifice

His 20-year-old daughter, Jenny Rose Quimado, now holds a bachelor of science degree in nutrition and food technology. She said that she could not wait to start working so that she could support her family.

Quimado may only work as a garbage collector but he is truly a wise father. Nothing in the world could beat the gift of an education and he is aware of the fact.

Watch the touching video of Quimado’s interview here and see for yourself what he goes through as a garbage collector to send his children to school


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