Diver found an iPhone X at the bottom of Arizona river. When he let the phone dried out, something magical happened


Usually, when Dallas dives into a river to find priceless treasures, he finds sunglasses and jewellery. However, one day, he found something more precious than those items. 

He found an iPhone X at the bottom of Arizona’s Salt River during one of his typical diving sessions.

The YouTube star of channel Man + River was excited when he stumbled upon the latest model of iPhone

After the shocking discovery, Dallas let the phone dried out for three days in a tub of silicone beads

He did not put much hope when he connected the phone with a charger but the phone began to light up.

Even more surprising, he found that the iPhone still worked just fine!

He then took out the sim card out of the phone and stuck it into his own iPhone in search of the owner of the lost iPhone. Apparently, the iPhone belongs to Alyssa King. Dallas then gave Alyssa a message, telling her about the discovery.

The next day, he received a call from her. Alyssa who was equally surprised as Dallas said to him that she lost the phone two weeks earlier

She was really shocked to find out her iPhone survived being submerged deep in a river.

Even more important, getting the phone back meant that she could retrieve the pictures of her newborn

Alyssa had not back up the photos so she was devastated when she lost her iPhone

When Alyssa offered to pay Dallas for the shipping cost, Dallas told her that everything was taken care of by him. According to the YouTube star, being able to return the lost item that was very dear to the owner was priceless compared to the shipping cost.

He said that Alyssa’s reaction over his discovery is the best he has gotten since he began hunting for lost items. “Alyssa was so easy to work with and so appreciative to get her phone back with all her pictures,” he said.

Watch how Dallas found the iPhone at the bottom of the river and returned the lost iPhone to its owner in this video here


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