These tiny dancers may be six and eight years old but wait until they move their feet


Kevin Tellez and Beberly Devers were just eight and six years old when they became the world champion salsa dancers. 

Tellez and Devers beat other young contestants to become champions at the 2014 Salsa Congress in Israel.

The talented young dancers could display some of the fastest footwork you will ever see!

In spite of their tender ages, Tellez and Devers have already mastered complicated moves and could perform them at amazing speed

Thanks to their impressive salsa routine, the young dancers have also won world champion titles for their age group at the World Latin Dance Cup in Miami with different partners

This video has made rounds on the internet for quite a while. When it was first uploaded on YouTube, the video quickly racked up more than 3 million views.

Watch their incredible salsa routine here and see for yourself how these talented dancers won their champion titles


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