Good-hearted woman saw a fawn stuck in her porch railing and decided to help set it free


A family from Chester County, Pennsylvania were shocked to see what had gotten itself stuck in between their porch railings when they came outside. A baby deer had wondered onto their porch and somehow found itself in a tight predicament when it got stuck between the gaps in the railings.

The fawn was terribly frightened and anxious when the family attempted to get a closer look. It started shrieking and kicking in fear when the woman in the video tried to help it through the railing by attempting to push it out.

She realized that the baby deer got itself stuck pretty tightly and pushing was not going to help it come free, so she tried to pull the fawn out instead 

Ever so gently she freed the fawn by pulling it back through the railings and she even carried it out to the yard where the baby deer was able to be on it’s merry way 

Watch the entire rescue effort below:


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