Farmer cracks open an over-sized egg. Later when he opens it, there is something surprising inside of it


Have you ever cracked an egg and get surprised with another egg inside the cracked egg? This is not a magic trick but what you are about to see will make you gasp in surprise! 

Even though this is quite rare, it is well-known that a hen can lay an egg inside of an egg.

In this video, the farmer found the over-sized chicken egg on his farm on the west side of Cairns, far north in Queensland, Australia

Scott Stockman, 47, has never seen such a giant egg all his life. When he first picked up the egg on his farm, he was really surprised by its size.

The supersized egg weighed at 176 grams, triple the average weight of a typical-sized egg which is 58 grams

He was even more surprised to find another egg when he cracked the giant egg open

This extremely rare phenomenon is called counter-peristalsis contraction. It happens when an egg that was not quite ready went back to the hen’s oviduct, the tube which an egg or ovum is passed from the ovary and another egg formed around the first egg.

Watch the giant egg revealed another egg inside of it when the farmer cracked it open in this video here


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