Zebra shark slowly swims up to a diver—later, it quickly becomes clear what it wants


Working in a huge aquarium can have its downsides but it also comes with several perks which can be unexpected sometimes.

For this diver, one of his day-to-day duties involves him cleaning up a big aquarium and it can be tedious.

However, his fellow aquatic friend is always there for him when the days get a little bit tougher than usual and it may be the most heartwarming scene you will ever see

This diver was in the middle of his cleaning duties when a shark passed him. He then noticed the zebra shark making a U-turn towards him and petted its belly

The zebra shark obviously loved the affection that it stayed around for more cuddling and petting

The clip has made rounds on the internet as people find the scene fascinating for a good reason

We totally get it. It is not every day you can see a shark cuddling and hugging a diver like a dog!

Watch this cute video here of a diver hugging a shark


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