This little girl craves for some cookies and what she does next is totally impressive


Sure it is far easier to buy cookies at the store than baking them on your own but do you know that baking can teach your children important life skills?

There are a variety of reasons why you should let your children in the kitchen and join in the fun of cooking and baking.

The process itself can be a great way to teach your children basic math skills. Getting the right amount of each ingredient for the recipe can be a fun way to teach them basic maths

Also, it can teach your children to be patient as well as engaging them in a creative activity.

Many young children find it hard to grasp the idea of being patient for something and baking can teach them why they need to be patient and to follow instructions to achieve great results

Plus, they will get a delicious treat at the end of the activity. Who will say no to warm cookies?

Just like this young chef, she managed to bake her own cookies and it is totally impressive for a child her age!

Watch this little chef baking cookies all by herself in this video here 


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