This indoor hydroponic lettuce farming will offer you a glimpse of what the future will look like


Ever wonder how the horticultural industry meets the growing demand of vegetables around the globe?

Conventional farming techniques require the farmers to grow their crops all by themselves under the scorching sun or even in the middle of a windy day.

This is may not the most effective method and with high demands for vegetables and fruits in the market, the industry needs new means of technologies to meet the demand.

As fewer people are interested in the hard labour, here comes the new technology that will help farmers to plant the crops—machines

In this video, the factory uses a fully automated hydroponic system to grow their lettuce and many people are impressed with how advanced and innovative the system is

The video has reached more than 13 million views on Facebook alone and people cannot get enough of it

Watch the full video of how this farm produces their lettuce by using the amazingly innovative hydroponic system here


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