Funny moment a dog gets confused when a bird barks at him


One dog was casually walking in the middle of Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village when it suddenly heard a distant barking.

Excited to meet a fellow dog, it followed the barking sound but as soon as it realised where the barking sound came from, the dog was surprised!

It seems that the dog was not the only one surprised at the barking sound as other passersby also looked amused at the unusual sight.

The reason was the barking did not come from a dog but it came from a cockatoo

Violet the Cockatoo was caught on camera when it barked to a dog who looked totally confused with what just unfolded before him

The bird with white feathers seemed more like a dog rather than a bird when it barked away.

Cockatoos are known for their ability to imitate a wide range of sounds and Violet the Cockatoo is not an exception

She definitely knows how to make new dog friends!

Watch the hilarious moment Violet the Cockatoo makes a dog confused with her barking here


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